SEO Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage all of our clients to meet with us for an in-person consultation which allows us to better assess your needs and explain the SEO process.  Can't come to our office?  We'll come your yours.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is a mix of hundreds of processes and techniques that work together to make a website or web page appear in a search engine's organic (unpaid) search results.

SEO involves changing a website's structure / coding so that the search engines "know what your website is all about", and therefore which keywords or key terms the website should rank for.

Because hundreds, or even possibly thousands of other websites are competing for the same key terms / keywords as your website, the second part of SEO involves "telling Google how important your website is".  This requires an on-going quality "link" acquisition campaign.  Each "link" that Google finds to your website counts as a "vote".  The more votes for your website, the higher it will rank for your target key terms / keywords.

It is worth noting that search engines are constantly evolving and updating their algorithms to improve search results and provide the information you need. You can read about the latest tendencies of the SEO promotion in the article of the Seologist specialist.


Why is my website not currently in the search engines?

Your web-site looks perfect, has a lot of interesting information and is updating regularly? You have attended web design course to create it, but you are still not number one? There are a lot of reasons for it. Number one - your website has not been properly optimized for the search engines.  Even if your website developer has told you that your website has been "SEOed", unless it appears on Page 1 of Google for your target key terms, the job hasn't been done properly.


How do I know which Key Terms / Keywords to target with SEO?

Keyword selection is an important part of the SEO process.  We use a special tool that allows us to see the monthly search volume for different key terms, and then select the highest volume key terms that are appropriate for your business.

We don't cop out like some other companies and target the low volume / uncompetitive key terms - we go straight after the most competitive key terms that will drive traffic to your website and make your business money!


How long does until I see improvements in my rankings?

SEO is a long-term process and results can't be expected over night.  Clients will typically notice significant increases in their search engine rankings within one month of commencement.   Within 3 - 5 months the client should expect to appear on Page 1 of Google for multiple key terms / keywords.  Attaining a top position such as #1 may require 1-2 years of SEO service.


Is SEO expensive?

Yes, good SEO work is not cheap.  Attaining a #1 position in Google can make a company tens of thousands or possibly millions of dollars.  Appearing on Page 1 of Google gives your company enormous marketing exposure, so simple economics dictates that competition for these high value key terms will be formidable.

Because there are literally 1,000's (thousands!) of SEO techniques, the quality of service between SEO companies can differ significantly.  An SEO expert with only a few years of experience may only have mastered 25% of the skills that a 10 year expert possesses.

Thus, an experienced and proven Toronto SEO professional can handily outperform his inexperienced counter-part, and many of the top SEO professionals can command upwards of $200/hr.


Company XYZ is promising me top rankings for a few hundred dollars.

There are so many companies offering SEO services at wildly different price points that it's difficult to know who you can trust.  But with anything in life - you get what you pay for.

Many SEO companies will optimize your website to appear in Google for simple key term searches (such as your company name), or "long-tail" uncompetitive key terms that don't receive any search volume, ie: "furry green widgets in Toronto Ontario".

Other companies may provide SEO service that only moves your website to page 3 or 4 of search results.  Technically, the company has performed their duty since they "have" improved your search engine ranking, but you won't receive much traffic from the service.

SEO Company Checklist:
- Ensure they are targeting the most effective (most competitive) key terms.
- Ask them to project your website's ranking after service delivery.
- Ask them to guarantee the results they promise.
- Make sure they have a solid SEO portfolio with numerous #1 positions.


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